There is always great controversy around the concept of being a real man or being the alpha male in our communities no matter where we live.

The discussion is on social media, in the newspapers and in all popular circles.

Especially, in our times, where feminism is fast developing into a widely acceptable ideology and its various interpretations are taking root in almost every community. It has become very difficult to even say anything even remotely in favor of men.

However, this is probably because of the extreme ideologues of feminism, called feminists, and their rigid and sometimes, simply, extreme notions which have stirred up a lot of debate on the issue.

In this article, we bring forward some of the best quotations that we were able to salvage from various sources to add in a new dimension to the concept of being a real man and how it has forever been a concept that has always had wide acceptance amongst men.

This may also help people in understanding the power of the male gender and may even remove some of the gross assumptions, thoughts, and concepts that the countering feminists have spread among the masses villainizing men as a whole.

Quotation Number One

“I am a real man, I can suffer”

As men, we love to brag about how tough we can get and how we are excellent in taking on new challenges and climbing higher mountains.

This is a classic feature of our personality and is something that differentiates alpha men from the rest of the crowd.

This quotation very strongly illustrates the element of endurance that real men possess and that even in the face of extreme levels of stress, emotional and physical, they tend to maintain their center and do accept defeat at any point in time.

Real man suffers at the hands of others knowingly and still do not do something about it because sometimes it is better to let your foe win a few battles so that you can win the war.

Even though having to suffer any sort of trauma or damage is not ideal but it is something that men are built to do.

They are manufactured in a way to take the bull by the horns and really take on the challenge.


Quotation Number Two

“Let them see, let them know, a real man, who lives as he was meant to live”

Being care-free and daring is another key characteristic of a real man.

Men do not let other people hold them accountable for the actions but rather do that themselves. They do what they feel is right, and then do it with the utmost dedication and charisma.

This is what Marcus Aurelius try to capture in these words.

The quotation above is traced to the great Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius who was one of the finest and most intellectual kings to have walked on the planet.

He was skilled as a politician, warrior, and an administrator, and was also extremely motivated in his intellectual search for answers regarding this universe.

Such an observation coming from him really means something. In these beautiful words, he has summed up what it really means to be a real man, which is to live as he was meant to live.

The man is the end-decider whether he wants to do something or not.

He will call the shots whether he will do or abstain from something and there is nothing in this world that can stop him.

He has the power of reason and he has the power to actualize his intentions as he pleases in this world.


Quotation Number Three

“A Real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself”

A real man never makes any excuses for himself. When he makes a mistake, he admits it and searches for ways in which it can be rectified for the future.

If rectification and correction of the problem are not possible then a real man will try to chalk out a pattern for himself and make sure that he does not make the same mistake ever again.

Another key aspect about being a real man is to provide leeway to others when they falter.

This is extremely integral to the male gender. People who find faults in others, exploit other people’s mistakes when they make one are definitely not respected among men and they are probably the worst of them all.

A real strong man will never do something so shallow as exposing someone’s weakness. No, that is not the way, a real man will hide other’s weakness, follies, and errors, and always provide them with a chance to prove themselves again.

On the other hand, he will be very critical of himself when he makes a mistake himself and will not devise excuses rather he will take it on the chest, like a man.


Quotation Number Four

“A real man can use power, rather than let power use him”

Power is the element that breeds corruption and without the right balance and checks, power can transform into a very rigorous cancer that can destroy an entire person physically and spiritually.

The biggest challenge for any man is against the desires and wills of his self. If he is able to control them then there is nothing that can damage him.

History is filled with annuls of men that were consumed with power and the obliteration, destruction, and tyranny they caused in the land.

Nobody remembers them because of their manliness rather people consider them as rogue tyrants who caused nothing but bloodshed and destruction when given the reins of leadership.

In retrospect, history also narrates the brilliance and modesty of some real leaders, real men, who showed the world that power is just a tool like any other and that too let it control you is a sign of immense weakness.

Power can corrupt only those who are weak of heart. Those who are psychologically and mentally feeble cannot even think about self-augmentation and self-actualization.

Self-augmentation is when even a position of considerable power is meaningless unless it is used, in a proper way, as a tool to serve your vision.


Quotation Number Five

“Manhood is defined and decided by the ability to nurture and to protect, by the capability to provide and to sustain”

A real men senses and recognizes his role. He is not ignorant and hungry for domination over other genders or people.

Rather it is his vision to win in people’s hearts and make them feel special by actually serving his role in the best manner possible.

A real man will not bombard his fellows or family with orders to follow like a military general just because he thinks he is superior.

Instead, a real man will be wise and understanding. He knows how people react to certain actions and will always be supportive of them even if it sometimes means sacrificing his own benefit for the other person.

As a member of the family or ahead of the organization, he will always try to nurture the better talents of his teammates and protect them from the criticism they might be getting from the society.

A real man will try to provide all the necessary resources to his family and team members so that they can easily make progress under his umbrella of protection.


Conclusion – Being a Real Man

In a society where we are all running after opportunities to dominate each other, looking to trample each other down in order to get further real men to play a key role to disengage this troubling situation and change the society’s outlook and perspective.

Real men and what they stand for changes with the conditions and demands of our society and the popular notions which usually haunt feminists and the like is extremely bigoted.

As you might have understood from these cool quotations that being a man is really about being understanding, caring and strong.

The development of such an attitude and the development of such a personality is indigestible to many people who do not try to reach that pedestal and start to envy it as a result.

As a real man, you will have to let go of these people and let them be as they are because they will not change until to you stoop down to their level which is exactly their objective.

In any case, these were some of the best quotations on the topic of being a real man and what it really means to be a man.

We hope you liked them too although this selection is totally our own. We will look forward to your support and feedback on the topic.

We welcome criticism as well and will definitely be on the lookout for a different point of views that you might share.

Do let us know what it means for you to be a real man, and what you expect to see in a real man!

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