There is a very a high percentage of men out there who still think that they are not handsome enough for the world. However, there are a few things that a man should do to look more handsome.

One thing that every many needs to keep in mind is that you need to look handsome then you need to present yourself in the best way and that can only be done if you wear the right clothes.

If possible, then you might want to consider bringing some changes to your manners and behavior because that will help a ton.

Every man should not try to become Tom Cruise because there is no reason for that. You should build your own style, finesse, and personality.

On paper changing your appearance may look like a lot of work, but in reality, there are only a few tips that you need to follow and that will get the job done. In this article, you will come across a number of tips that people have found very useful.

You may be familiar with some of these tips just because they are so common. Here you will learn how to apply those tips on yourself and transform your mediocre style into a handsome look.

What Should a Good Looking Guy Look Like?

This is a question that many people ask and everyone has a different opinion on the topic. However, there are some things that are mutually agreed upon.

People normally are attracted towards individuals that have strong jaws and chins, a beard also helps.

Then there are broad shoulders and strong arms, if the person has a deep voice then that is certainly a bonus.

Women don’t necessarily care for a strong build, instead of some women even dislike bodybuilders.

However, a good height is an absolute essential, he does not even need to be extremely beautiful.

Women don’t desire men who look better than them.

At the end of the day, they are most attracted towards people who have a good personality.

The Clothes

One thing that you need to accept is that looking handsome is not a difficult thing to do for men, they only need to wear the right clothes.

When we talk about dressing many then it certainly does not mean that you have to wear expensive clothes every day.

All you have to do is wear clean clothes that are wrinkle-free and ironed properly. Wearing clothes that give you confidence is the ultimate goal, below you will find some of the main men’s dressing tips.

Find the Right Look

One of the first things that you have to do is start buying the right clothes, but there is still something that you need to do before that.

Before you start buying clothes it is important that you identify your look and style. Everyone has a style and you need to find yours, this is because there is a chance that your wardrobe already has clothes that match your style.

This way you will not have to buy a ton of new clothes. If not, then you will need to go on a bit of shopping.

Buy Things Carefully

After identifying your style, you can now move to the second step which is going shopping. You have to make sure that you buy your clothes very wisely.

Feel free to ask people for advice because they will be able to help you in many ways when you are trying to purchase the right clothing.

Shop for Accessories

When you talk about men’s dressing tips, then you cannot miss out on the accessories. However, in this case, you only need one and that is a watch.

Men need just one accessory and that is a good looking watch. But, if you throw in a pair of high quality sunglasses then that will just be awesome.

Attention to Detail

You might think that just because you are a man you don’t need to pay attention to detail, but you could not be more wrong.

People all around you always look for the smaller things to jump to conclusions about your personality. Therefore, whenever you are dressing up, don’t skip on the small details.

Clean Shoes and Socks

Keep in mind that having dirty socks and shoes does not make you a man, it just makes you filthy. Having dirty shoes leaves a very bad impression on the people you meet.

If you used to avoid cleaning your shoes and socks in the past, then now is the time to change. Start cleaning your shoes regularly to maintain that handsome look.

Cut your Nails

As far as grooming is concerned, then it is a very important part of your dressing style. If you have a habit of growing your nails then it has got to go because long nails leave a very bad impression about you.

Just cut your nails and try to keep them as short as possible.


Now you might be thinking that manicures are just for the ladies, but this statement would be wrong on many levels.

Manicures are important if you are going for that handsome look, it makes your hands look cleaning and that is something that you need to ensure.

Stay Hygienic

No matter what you are trying to do and who you are trying to become, it is important that you stay hygienic.

It is important that you manage your personal hygiene because otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to maintain your style and class.

You have to make sure that you take daily baths and keep yourself nice and clean.

Look After your Skin

Now, this might seem a little too girly, but the truth is that you must take care of your skin if you wish to have that handsome look.

If you have bad skin then it will mean that you are not a hygienic person. It is important that you make sure that your skin is shiny all the time.

Whenever you do some physical activity make sure that you wash.

Take your Shower

As mentioned earlier, it is important that you take your showers. Never skip your shower and make sure that you take a bath regularly.

If it is possible then you should do it twice a day but once a day will also suffice. Ensure that your hair is always clean, trimmed and don’t have any split ends.

If you keep your hair long or short, just make sure that they are under control.

The Manners

If you wish to look attractive and handsome, then it is very important that you make your presence felt.

For this, it is important that you show your behavior and manners to the people around you so that they notice you.

But it should be done naturally and it should not look fake at all.

Eye Contact

Whenever you are talking to someone, it is imperative that you maintain eye contact. In this way the person will know that you are confident and have the courage to communicate with him/her.

If you keep on looking here and there then it does not send a good vibe to the other person.


You might be thinking that everyone talks about a good posture, well the fact is that it is very important.

As a man it is important that you have good posture because you will want to show that you are strong.

A good postures will add to your handsome looks and make you appear even more attractive.


Smiling is key, it is important that you give a genuine smile to the person who is talking to you.

The reason behind all of this is that you want to look confident and strong.

This cannot be done if you are shy and go on hiding from other people.

Always Smell Good

There is no denying the fact that smell is one of the strongest sense that humans have which is why you have to benefit from it.

If you smell nice then the people around you will find you very attractive. This does not mean that you keep on taking showers.

All you need to do is apply some good aftershave or cologne and you will be good to go.

Mild Perfume

Most of the people around the world dislike the smell of strong perfumes, which is why it is best if you stay away from them.

You should try to go for a mild cologne and if it is not your thing then you can always choose a nice smelling body spray or body wash.

No More than Two Time

This is a rule that you should never forget. Make sure that you never use perfume more than twice on a single day.

A better approach would be if you only used it once after you have taken a bath, but if that does not work for you then you can use it once after some time but that’s it.

Don’t Use Ladies’ Perfumes

One thing that you should never forget is that you should stick with men’s perfumes only. If you ever wear ladies’ perfumes then the people around you will easily get knowledge of that.

Contrary to popular belief, men’s and ladies’ perfumes have very different scents, so make sure that you identify the difference.

Pheromone Perfume

If you just want to attract people towards you then a smart thing to do would be to wear male pheromone perfumes.

These perfumes provide a natural manly scent which works like a magnet.

Just don’t wear too much of this perfume, keep it to a minimum.


Looking handsome has a lot of things to do with the shape of your body, if you wish to look extremely handsome then it is important that you exercise regularly.

If you keep on exercising regularly, then your body will start to look different over time and you will gain a lot of confidence.


One thing that most people find difficult is to find the motivation to start exercising. This is a very common problem, and therefore the solution is also right in front of you.

The main problem is that most of the time you don’t want to exercise alone and all you need to do is find a buddy who will exercise with you.


One of the biggest benefits of exercising is that it relaxes the mind and soul. A relaxed mind is absolutely essential if you want to look amazing.

Exercising is one of the best ways to deal with stress and it has proven to be highly effective over many years.

Facial Hair

Don’t be afraid of growing facial hair, instead, it is encouraged that you grow a beard. A beard adds to your personality and it is something that you need.

Men with facial hair tend to give out a very different vibe. It is important that you take care of your beard otherwise it will not look the way you want.

Clean Your Beard

Beard hair is similar to the hair on your head, which means that you need to clean it regularly.

It is very important that you use the right shampoo and conditioner for your beard so that it remains nice, straight and shiny.

When it comes to facial hair then you cannot settle for anything but the best.

Take Care of Your Beard

No one likes a rough and messy beard, which is why it is extremely important that you take the grooming of your beard very seriously.

You need to make sure that it is nicely trimmed and it is in perfect shape.

Facial hair is cool and all, but taking care of it is a bit of a challenge and that is why many people avoid growing facial hair.


The Basics

When you are trying to get that handsome look that you always desired, it is important that you take everything seriously.

It is important that you look fresh and keep your sweat under control.

Human sweat is natural but this should not stop you from keeping it under control.

Change your Clothes

One of the main men’s dressing tips that you can benefit from is that you should change your clothes often.

Never wear the same clothes two days straight, this is because the human body sweats a lot and that leads to some unwanted odors.

So change your clothes to keep yourself sweat free.


When you are trying to keep your sweat under control then you must use deodorants and antiperspirants.

Make sure that whatever product you are using is strong so that it is able to battle with the smell of sweat.

Just don’t wear too much deodorant because that can have negative effects.


As long as we are on the topic, it is important to know that you need to change your footwear too.

You have to keep in mind that your feet also sweat and if you keep on wearing the same shoes for many days then that smell will accumulate in the shoes and that is not a pleasant smell.

How to Look Irresistible

Most men do not have a natural build, this does not mean that they are not attractive.

The key is to look strong and confident and if you pull this off then there is nothing that can stop you from getting that handsome look.

There are just a couple of things that you need to do to maintain that look.

Watch your Diet

One of the main things that you have to make sure is that you eat healthy all the time. Instead of going for just one large meal, you should go for several small ones at intervals, keep in mind that you should drink a lot of water.

This will keep your skin healthy and you need healthy skin.

Control your Weight

People are not attracted towards people who are overweight, this is why it is important that you keep an eye on your weight.

If you are underweight then that is also not a good thing, your weight should be just right. You should just try to keep your body in the best shape possible and you will be golden.

Try to Look Good in Photographs

Not everyone is naturally photogenic, however, this does not mean that you cannot capture good photos of yourself.

People easily get attracted towards people who have good photos.

A good and confident photograph sends a good vibe about your personality and leaves a lasting impression.

The Right Angle

When you are taking your own photograph, it is important that you look for your right angle.

Everyone has the right angle, you just need to search for it.

The only way you can do it is trying a few different styles first and then settle on the one that you like the most.

The Left Side

Many experts believe that the left side of the person’s face is more presentable for a photograph.

This is the reason why many of the portraits that you see in museums capture the left side of the person.

According to research, the right side of the person is not as appealing as compared to the left.

Move Your Hair

Just before the picture is about to be taken you should just flip your hair or move your hand through your hair to give it a nice look.

This simple gesture will give you a great result in the form of a high-quality photo.

It is important that you make sure that your hair looks good when you are taking a photograph.

The Right Glasses

There are only a few accessories that look good on a man, the main accessories that a man can wear is a watch and a decent pair of glasses.

If you wear the right pair of glasses then it will give you a cool and classy look that is unmatched.

Glasses can give you a decent look and that is why you need to go for.

The Best Style

Before you go and start buying some of your favorite glasses, it is important that you find your style.

You need to identify that which glasses suit you the best and when you have found the style that you are most comfortable with then it is time for you to buy your favorite glasses.

Don’t Change your Behavior

Just because you have bought a decent pair of glasses doesn’t mean that you have to start behaving differently.

Don’t try to change your personality because that will have negative effects on your persona.

Just stay the way you are and everything will be fine.

Clean Your Glasses

No one likes dirty glasses, therefore you need to make sure that you clean your glasses regularly.

However, chances are that you have bought an expensive pair of glasses, which is why it is best that you follow the manufacturers guide so that you don’t damage your glasses during the process.


Having a clean and decent looking pair of shoes is very important.

Shoes make you look good but it is important that you take care of your shoes.

They should be shiny all the time and when you are buying shoes don’t go for anything too flashy because people don’t admire individuals who wear flash shoes.

Just stick to the simple colors.

Conclusion – Handsome Look Tips

These were some things that you should know about men’s dressing tips and how they can look handsome without trying too hard.

Many people believe that look handsome is a difficult job to do, but the truth is that it is pretty easy if you just remember some simple tips and tricks.

If you want your presence to be felt then it is important that you dress in the best way possible.

If you have a handsome look then people will hear what you have to say and it will matter.

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