So, first of all, before we even start with our topic for today that is “how to get handsome face” we want you to strengthen your personality and believe that you are beautiful and handsome.

Since the dawn of time, humans have always adored beauty in all its forms and it has played a significant role through the ages in shaping our psychological composition.

Beauty is something that the mind likes, it is something that makes us feel better about ourselves and also about others around us.

It is not just limited to the human person but spread out in the open world in the form of eye-catching sunrises, lush green forests and even in the arid sand dunes.

This last example might puzzle some people but it actually catches the gist and essence of beauty, and that is that true beauty resides within oneself and is augmented only when the person thinks of himself as handsome or beautiful.

In our modern times, it has become an extremely popular trend where people post their pictures almost everywhere on the internet through social media websites and applications in order to gain some short-lived fame and satisfaction.

People have become very sensitive to their appearance and are thoroughly focused on how they appear to others at all times. It is as if inner spiritual beauty is no longer existent and the only form that exists is the artificiality of the outer appearance.

People have become obsessed with themselves and what opinions other people hold of them, they have become slaves to their own desire to look the best for the rest of the world.

You should strengthen your personality in such a manner that the validation of others should mean absolutely nothing to you and what should matter is your own opinion about yourself.

So, the first step, to look good is to look good for yourself and the rest will follow on its own.

Confidence is key in this regard, as we will highlight in the paragraphs to follow.

Tip # 1 – Confidence is Everything

One of the first things that you need to ensure is to have deep confidence in your own self. You need to tell yourself that you are beautiful no matter what anybody thinks.

Do not judge yourself with the unrealistic beauty standards that are set by popular movies or by the advertising industry but rather focus more on yourself and what makes you special.

Your face is what determines your personality in a number of ways. If you are not confident then your facial expressions are bound to give it away and the people will almost immediately notice that you are not feeling great about yourself. This is an odd moment which you must try to avoid.

Try to get your chin up and eyes leveled when speaking to somebody, keep an energetic tone when conversing and let those around you know that you are handsome in your own right.

So confidence is pretty much key. Without it, you will probably not make your mark even though you were the best-dressed person in a gathering.


Tip # 2 – Your Complexion Decides Nothing

Another key aspect that you must always bear in mind, is that your complexion does not determine your handsomeness at all.

Many people hold the absurd idea that white complexion is a true mark of beauty as true. This is absolutely untrue.

Beauty was never and is never defined by the color of your skin and has nothing to do with how you look.

People who judge people because of their skin color or white complexion are probably just misguided by mass media where products that whiten people’s color are advertised every day.

It is not the case. You should never consider your skin color as a measure of your beauty and you should never even take into consideration.

This is how nature intended you to be, this is how you were meant to be and this is how your handsomeness is determined. So in order to get handsome face, it is definitely not a requirement to have a white face.

Those who think otherwise have bigoted mentalities perhaps or our just a product of poor education.

Tip # 3 – Get a Nice Haircut

One of the key features of your face, which everybody is bound to notice, is your hair. Your hairstyle is something which adds more meaning to your handsomeness and even plays a defining role in determining your personality to other people, men, and women.

The haircut style that you have lets people understand what sort of a person you are and hence it is never recommended to go for very fashionable and out of the box haircuts but rather it is better that you settle for something simpler and sleeker.

A haircut shows a lot about you. It shows that you take yourself seriously and are concerned when your hair is out of shape.

It lets people know that you take out the time to do something for yourself and do not let your commitments hold you back at any time.

Furthermore, it also outlines the fact that you take care of your hygiene and that is highlight by your clean and tidy hairstyle.

This leaves a mark on people who are on the lookout for something wrong with your look. In any case, such people will always be there even if you look like Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible.


Tip # 4 – Your Facial Hair should complement your hairstyle

A well-groomed person is well liked by all and especially by the people who matter to you the most. People often take good care of their hairstyles and give it their proper attention but fail to address their facial hair.

Beards and mustaches say a lot about a personality. It shapes your images in the hearts and minds of people.

Some people do not like having any facial hair and prefer the clean shaven look. This is totally a man’s choice but, to be honest, this may not be the best way to go about it.

Nobody likes a face with no trace of hair, facial hair represents a man’s ruggedness and character. They highlight the element of his manliness and hence, it is always recommended to have a little facial hair on you.

The style and length are totally up to you. You can see what suits you better and then decide on that. Rest assured some facial hair will only add more attraction to your face and make you look handsome.

It will make you feel good about yourself too. It will give you that extra push you need and will instill a self-confidence in you that is not commonly found.


Tip # 5 – Hygiene and Cleanliness

To get handsome face, you have to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. You should keep your face well cleaned at all times and use products which go to the depths of the skin and clean out the tiniest of pores.

However, hygiene is definitely not just limited to your face, you should always keep yourself clean and tidy. You should smell fresh and good so that people around you are always comfortable in being around.

Most people get really oily faces and that is something quite natural. What you can do is wash several times during the day with water or with a product such as a face wash to make sure that you face remains fresh and dry.

Oily skin tends to look bad at times and may even put off some people altogether. But then again, if you try to impress everyone then you will probably burn out physically and mentally.

So it is better to maintain your center, washing your face twice or thrice a day will not make the world come upside down. It will make you feel better about yourself and even liven up your day as a result.


Tip # 6 – Wear Smart and Tidy Clothes

Another key aspect which you must consider is your clothing. Clothes are a big part of your personality and no matter how handsome your face looks, if your attire is not proper in that regard then you probably missed something huge.

Clean and tidy clothes are a must. People should find you always dressed sharply. This keeps them on their toes and sends a strong message about your confidence and personality.

Try to pick out the best clothes according to the demands of the gathering you will probably find yourself in.

Being neat and clean is primary to everything else.

Nothing will cover up a bad clothing decision and you will probably end up being embarrassed hence it is recommended that you dress properly at all times. It does not, however, mean that you overdress.


Tip # 7 – Attitude and Behavior

Finally, a handsome face is signified with an absolutely calm attitude and down to earth behavior.

Nobody likes a braggart and nobody likes someone who too shy and timid. Keep the right balance. Be confident but don’t go overboard with it.

Manners and behavior is everything. Remain calm at all times, do not let people intimidate you with their foul attempts to anger you or frustrate you.

Remain unmoved by criticism and always sport a smile on your face.

This way even the worst critics will get baffled and might even start liking you, just for that reason.


Tip # 8 – Looks matter but as long as they are coupled with success

This is probably the most important tips of them all. Your looks do matter till a certain extent after which it is your success that counts.

You impressive personality, your shiny handsome face, and sleek attire might get you round some social gatherings but what will ultimately determine your stature is your success in life.

It does not only mean monetary or financial success but rather includes all other abstract and emotional facets as well such as happiness, joy, and satisfaction.

It will eventually mean nothing to be handsome if you fail to couple it with your success in life.

So the bottom line is, do not go overboard with looking after your outward appearance. Focus on what is ultimately important in life and how you can get about crossing those barriers.

Think about the future and how you envision it rather than thinking about what you look right now all the time.


Some Words to Conclude With How to Get Handsome Face

The world we live in, where everything is continuously being showcased for others to see through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and the like, is not very concerned with our success as such.

It seems as if what matters is showing your success to others until they start to believe it even though you are not that person that you show yourself to be on social media.

This is a difficult situation and as a person, you need to balance yourself emotionally to not to worry so much about what people will think about you on social media.

Be more truthful towards your real life and the ten people who are the closest to you.

Those people whose advice matters, those people who you take seriously in your life, those are the people that matter and that is where so many people are losing.

In their attempts to impress people they have not met for a year, they hurt people or, at least, ignore the people who they meet and interact with every day.

In the end, I would like to say that there is nothing wrong with posting pictures of your handsome on social media but doing so just to show people who handsome you are is a sign of inner weakness.

It shows that you are doubting yourself all the time and are always looking for validation from random people.

You do not need that. You are handsome and nobody can change that. Just follow the tips we mentioned and then just let it be and do not dwell too much on it.


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